GNAT Announces Loan Application Challenges-2024

GNAT Announces Loan Application Challenges-2024

We have noted with great concern some challenges with the nature of IDs sent for the processing of loans leading to high incomplete transactions and thus delays in loan processing and rejections.


The first has to do with the passport size pictures uploaded in the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV) platform through their validators. In some cases, they are not passport size but rather half body size pictures with unacceptable backgrounds.

GNAT Announces Loan Application Challenges-2024
GNAT Announces Loan Application Challenges-2024

For instance, a selfie, standing in front of a classroom, on a farmland, at church, in a wedding dress just to mention but a few. We implore all and sundry to ensure passport size pictures with clear backgrounds are uploaded.

The second key observation is the colour photocopy of the Ghana Card. In some cases, the applicant’s face and the writings on the card are not clear. In other cases, it comes as black and white.


We urge that, loan applicants should attach a clear colour photocopy of their Ghana Card. The third key anomaly has to do with conflicting names.

In that, the name on the Ghana Card is sometimes different from the name in the TPRS and the CAGD system.

We shall advise that the name on the Ghana Card should always tally with that of the TPRS and CAGD system. If for a reason the applicant has changed his or her name on the Ghana Card,


he or she should ensure the change is done at the CAGD. We entreat all District Secretaries to disseminate these important observations to all our cherished members, to ensure strict compliance.

This is to avoid loan applications rejections and delays in loan processing

Thank you.

Signed Chief Operations Officer For. The Chief Executive Officer


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